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 Dealing with Royalty is always so difficult,
you 're never sure what is appropriate or when it's appropriate.

Here are answers to a few personal questions and
some very helpful hints for planning your next Royal visit:

Q: Who makes all the decisions in your family?
A: Actually I do. Philip used to because he is the intellectual in the family but he hasn't kept up with the times...mention a "rock group" and he thinks you mean Stonehenge. One time he heard someone in the family was having an affair...he wanted to know who was catering it.

Q: Your Majesty, you are so clever. Why don't you write a book about your life?
A: As a matter of fact, I have started on one but can't seem to recall any naughty bits to write about. I am going to call it "QUEEN AS A WHISTLE".

Q: On a more pragmatic level, Your Majesty, could you be serious for a minute and give some suggestions on HOW TO SET UP should you be attending an event?
A: Oh yes, thanks for asking. To get the most for your entertainment dollar when hiring "the Queen" here a few suggestions...

STAGING: A riser about one foot high allows those behind the front row to see clearly. The area can be quite small. Placing the riser close to the audience allows for a more relaxed and intimate performance.

AUDIENCE; Place the audience so they form a group and can see and hear "the Queen". Be sure that dinner is not being served and people have finished eating etc.

MICROPHONE: a microphone is usually required, preferably on a boom stand. Sometimes it is necessary to have another type of microphone. Please discuss this ahead of time. Please note, a lectern style mic cannot be used, except under special circumstances.

SET-UP TIME: Please plan for a brief meeting on location for a sound check and to go over details.

INTRODUCTION: Sample introductions can be provided ahead of time.

MUSIC: Some music is needed to accompany "the Queen" as she enters. First she is introduced, the music comes on until she reaches the microphone, then it fades out quickly. Ask to borrow some taped music if you do not have something appropriate. An alternative could be to have a bagpiper, or individuals with mock trumpets and dressed as Beefeaters, lead the way in.

DRESSING ROOM: When "the Queen" dresses at the venue, a room with a washroom and mirror are required. This room should be secure as personal belongings will be left there. Depending on the schedule, duration and location of the event, refreshments in the dressing room may be appreciated. Up Please

Carolyn Sadowska

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